Testing needs in the Aviation Industry

The safety testings in the aviation industry are crucial. During the manufacturing and operation of an aircraft, many testings are indispensable to ensure that aircrafts meet high safety standards across all stages.

There are a wide range of safety tests such as aircraft material reliability test and other non-destructive testings. In particular, the light fastness test and flammability tests are critical to ensure the durability of aircraft materials under simulated environments.

The testing processes must be rigorous to ensure the safety and the structure of aircrafts.

How Can We Assist?

Light/Weather Resistance Test

Xenon Arc Weather-Ometer/ Fade-Ometer is used to assess the stability and durability of aircraft structures under prolonged sun exposure or high-energy light beams. It simulates the conditions of sunlight and ultraviolet radiation exposure during flight to ensure that the external paint of the aircraft can withstand long-term sun exposure and environmental impacts, preventing aging due to exposure.

Flammability Test

To determine the fire resistance of aircraft structures, interior materials, and seats, Flammability Chambers are used to ensure that these materials can self-extinguish in a timely manner and slow down the spread of flames during a fire event. They measure the relative burn rate, assessing the reaction and fire resistance of aircraft materials. 

Deaeration / Defoaming

Offering a variety of models from small to large capacity, non-vacuum and vacuum, and customizable fixtures to accommodate various types of containers, while simultaneously conducting material defoaming and stirring.


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