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Xenotest 220-220+

Xenon arc Weather-Ometer/ Fade-Ometer



Artificial accelerated weathering tests

The Xenotest 220 and Xenotest 220+ are large capacity lightfastness testers dedicated for textile testing. They come with premium on-rack light and temperature sensor and non-aging optical filter technology. With the ability to test 38 samples, the 220 Series provides nearly twice as much capacity in the same footprint compared to 150S+. The combination of its large test chamber and the efficient use of power and water make it today‘s most economic air-cooled instrument available. It complies to standards ISO 105 B02, AATCC TM16 (option 3), and Marks & Spencer C9, C9A.

  • 1x 2200 W air-cooled Xenon Lamp
  • 2310 cm2 exposure area
  • Microprocessor control with keypad and black/white display (220)
  • Touch screen with colour display to monitor and display test parameters (220+)
  • Direct Setting and Control of Irradiance (300-400 nm)
  • Direct Setting and Control of Black Standard Temperature
  • Direct Setting and Control of Chamber Temperature
  • Direct Setting and Control of Relative Humidity
  • Display of Diagnostic Message
  • Storage for 10 user-defined tests
  • Multilingual User Interface (220+)
  • Non-aging filter systems for ISO 105-B02 and AATCC TM16
  • On-rack XENOSENSIV® for measuring and controlling irradiance (in W/m²) and Black Standard Temperature on sample level
  • Selectable temperature control either by Chamber Temperature (up to 65 °C) or by Dual Control: Chamber Temperature and Black Standard Temperature (up to 100 °C) simultaneously
  • Fan-controlled temperature difference between Chamber and Black Standard Temperature
  • Ultrasonic humidification system with integrated 60l water reservoir for humidity control (automatic refill)
  • Sample rack holding 19 sample holders with capacity for 38 standard textile samples
  • Pre-programmed standards ISO 105 B02 and AATCC TM16-2004 (Option 3)
  • Switch-off by radiant exposure, light exposure or total operating time
  • UV-protected test chamber window
  • Advanced Auto Start functions
  • Internal memory chip for storing instrument data
  • Data output via Memory Card or RS 232
  • Ethernet interface plus XenoTouch Add-ons 1, 2, and 3 (“Remote Control“, “E-Mail Service“, “Online Monitoring“)
  • AATCC TM 16.3
  • AATCC TM169
  • GB/T 8427
  • ISO 105-B02
  • ISO 105-B04
  • M&S C9
  • M&S C9A
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