Food & Beverage Packaging

Testing needs in the Food & Beverage Packaging Industry

The food and beverage packaging industry needs packaging tests to ensure they meet any relevant food safety standards and food contact regulations. This includes quality and chemical composition testing of packaging materials such as plastics, paper, and metals.

The food and beverage packaging industry also requires to conduct package leakage tests to ensure food and drink does not spill out during transportation and storage process. This in turn ensures the quality and hygienic safety of the food, meets regulatory requirements, and enhances the competitiveness and reputation of the company.

How Can We Assist?

Light/Weather Resistance Test

Food and beverage packaging is often displayed in supermarkets or stores that may also be exposed to sunlight during transportation and storage processes. Xenon arc Weather-Ometer / Fade-Ometer help to test the durability of food packaging to ensure they do not deteriorate, and therefore subsequently affecting the quality of the product and company’s reputation.

Leakage Test

Package Leak Detectors are used to ensure packaging can effectively prevent food from coming into contact with the external environment, and thus protect the quality and safety of the food. This is particularly important for the packaging of liquids, gases, and perishable foods. Proper sealing tests can prevent food from rotting due to leakages and can also extend their shelf life.

Transmittance Test

WVTR test instrument and Oxygen permeation instrument determines the water vapor transmission rate and the permeation rate of packaging materials, therefore understanding the howe well the packaging material protect the food. Maintaining appropriate humidity and oxygen in the packaging can protect the quality, nutritional value, and taste of the product.

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