Testing needs in the Textile Industry

Textile industry requires rigorous testing in order to meet regulatory requirements as well as customer satisfaction. These testing includes testing of manufacturing raw materials such as the strength of yarn, the quality of fibers, and the color fastness of dyes.

Testing of finished products are also critical including fabric strength, elasticity, stretch, and abrasion resistance. Color fastness test is another important requirement to ensure fabric colors do not fade or change when exposed to washing, sun exposure, and friction.

These tests simulate the durability and performance of fabric under actual use conditions. Rigorous testings helps maintaining quality of finished products produced and enhances company’s product competitiveness in the market.

How Can We Assist?

Light/Weather Resistance Test

Xenon Arc Weather-Ometer/ Fade-Ometer ensures products don’t fade, change color, or deteriorate due to prolonged exposure to light, allowing textiles to maintain their aesthetics and quality throughout their lifespan.

Drying Test

Tests the heat effect on textiles, including testing color changes, measuring dimensional changes, testing strength and other performance.

Laundering Test

Simulates real-life washing conditions, ensuring that fabric maintains their comfort and quality even after multiple washes. Paired with the Launder-Ometer it effectively checks for color changes, measures size changesg, testing strength and other performance.

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