Testing needs in the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry needs to test the raw materials used in the production process to ensure they meet standards and specifications. This includes chemical composition, physical properties, and dimensions tests.

In addition to testing the raw materials, manufacutring industry conduct testings the finished products under different simulated environmental conditions to ensure their durability. This is particularly the case for plastics, a commonly used raw material.

A rigorousquality control system should be set up to monitor the production process to ensure product consistency and address any potential issues on a timely manner.

How Can We Assist?

Light/Weather Resistance Test

Xenon arc Weather-Ometer / Fade-Ometer is used to evaluate the durability of a product under prolonged exposure to light or high-energy light beams. This ensure the light fastness of the product in either indoor or outdoor environment and prevent products from deteriorating due to light exposure.

Plastic Processing Characteristics Testing

Testing the processability assessment of other materials and plastic materials such as rubber, elastomers, fillers, pigments, etc., such as: the melting behavior of polymer materials, thermal stability, and the stability of shear stress, etc.

Extrusion Performance Test

Conducting production tests suitable for laboratory scale, only a small amount of material is needed to reduce waste, without needing to interrupt the existing production line.


Oil Absorption Test​

Through the oil absorption test, the oil absorption value of the pores of carbon black and other filler materials can be measured.

Density Test

Through density testing, the density of rubber or uncured rubber mixtures can be measured.


Deaeration / Defoaming

Offering a variety of models from small to large capacity, non-vacuum and vacuum, and customizable fixtures to accommodate various types of containers, while simultaneously conducting material defoaming and stirring.


Nano Pulverizer crushes materials into extremely fine nano particles through high-speed rotating blades or spheres. It is critical in the manufacturing of nano-materials, nano-medicines, nano-coatings and nano-ceramics.

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