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Flammability Chambers


The Atlas HVFAA Horizontal Vertical Flame Chamber provides the most accurate means for determining the flammability of aircraft cabin and cargo compartment materials, liners and waste stowage compartment materials, and electric wire. The large volume chamber prevents oxygen depletion during tests. Three digital timers with remote control make specimen event timing precise and convenient. To ensure accurate and repeatable tests, an optional burner flame temperature verification kit is available. The HVFAA is the optimal instrument for conducting repeatable FAA flammability tests and is used in the FAA’s training facility.

    • Designed to be used for testing in accordance with FAA’s Aircraft Material Fire Test Handbook DOT/ FAA/AR-00/12, Chapters 1.0 – 4.0 (FAR 25.853, 25.855, 25.1359)
    • Draft-free large volume (>0.5m3) flame chamber
    • Performs all FAA Bunsen Burner tests with applicable specimen holder (see options below)
    • Vertical, Horizontal, 45 Degree and 60 Degree Wire Test Packages
    • Sliding hand ports for chamber access during test
    • Regulated gas control system
    • Calibrated gas flow meter with precision needle valve adjustment
    • ASTM D5025 Bunsen burner with remote positioning
    • Stopwatch plus three handset operated digital timers
    • Tempered glass sliding window
    • Interior inspection light
    • Flame height gauge
    • Gas control system:

    Gas flow meter

    Gas pressure regulator and pressure indicator

    Solenoid controlled gas with on/off

    Gas flow indicator lamps

    Quick disconnect for gas and power

    Draft free side air vents

    Hand access openings with doors for closed window access

    Vented for exhaust of chamber (A blower is necessary for exhaust of smoke. Please

    consult local requirements or codes.)

    • Physical Dimensions

    Interior: 122 cm (48″) W x 114 cm (45″) H x 51 cm (20″) D

    Exterior: 122 cm (48″) x 140 cm (55″) H x 51 cm (20″) D

    Shipping Weight 181 kg (400 lbs)

  • FAA’s Aircraft Material Fire Test Handbook DOT/ FAA/AR-00/12, chapters 1.0 – 4.0 (FAR 25.853, 25.855, 25.1359)
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