About Mocon

MOCON is a global leader in the provision of testing instruments and solutions, specializing in areas such as gas and water vapor permeation testing, gas analysis, packaging integrity testing, and industrial inspections.

MOCON’s testing instruments and solutions are utilized for measuring and analyzing gas permeability, water vapor transmission rate, and oxygen transmission rate, ensuring the seal and preservation qualities of product packaging.

MOCON offers a series of cutting-edge testing instruments, including the MOCON Permeation series, MOCON Lippke 5000 series, MOCON OpTech series, and MOCON Pac Check series. These instruments provide high precision and reliable testing capabilities, assisting clients in ensuring the quality and safety of their products.

Product Category

CO₂ TR test instrument

Oxygen permeation instrument

WVTR test instrument

Ultra-high barrier WVTR test instrument