Rubber & Plastic

Testing needs in the Rubber & Plastic Industry

Numerous tests are performed in the Rubber and Plastic industry in order to assess whether products’ quality, performance, and safety meet the regulatory standards.

One of the most important tests are durability tests which assess rubber or plastic products’ durability against simulated environments such as weather resistance and corrosion resistance.

These tests help to validate product’s durability and lifespan as well as support the company to continue optimizing material selection and the manufacturing process.

How Can We Assist?

Oil Absorption Test

Through the oil absorption test, the oil absorption value of the pores of carbon black and other filler materials can be measured.


Rubber Heat Test

TSSR-Meter assesses heat test on rubbers to understand the stability and reliability of rubber products in high-temperature environments. The durability of rubber material in high temperature environments is critically, particularly in the automotive industry or any mechanical parts.

Melt Flow Index (MFI) Analysis

Melt Flow Index (MFI) indicates the fluidity of the material (particularly for pastics). Rheometers analyse and monitors the Melt Flow Index to assess if a material meets specific requirements and is suitalbe to use as manufacturing raw material.

Plastic Processing Characteristics Testing

Testing the processability assessment of other materials and plastic materials such as rubber, elastomers, fillers, pigments, etc., such as: the melting behavior of polymer materials, thermal stability, and the stability of shear stress, etc.

Extrusion Performance Test

Conducting production tests suitable for laboratory scale, only a small amount of material is needed to reduce waste, without needing to interrupt the existing production line.

Density Test

Through density testing, the density of rubber or uncured rubber mixtures can be measured.

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