Weather Resistance Testing

Testing needs in Weather Resistance Capability

Weather and light resistance testing play an important role in multiple industries, especially in materials science, coatings, plastics, automotive, photoelectric, and construction. It’s essential to ensure that materials maintain stability and durability when exposed to outdoor conditions or high-energy light beams for extended periods.

Weather and light resistance testing mainly evaluates the material and product’s resistance to ultraviolet rays, high temperatures, and humidity. These tests simulate the actual operating environments of products under the influences of sunlight, rainwater, and pollutants.

Effective weather and light resistance testing help ensure that products exhibit superior durability under different environmental conditions.

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Light/Weather Resistance Test

Xenon Arc Weather-Ometer/ Fade-Ometer is used to assess the stability and durability of products and materials under prolonged sun exposure or high-energy light beams. It simulates the conditions of sunlight and ultraviolet radiation exposure during flight to ensure that the external paint of the aircraft can withstand long-term sun exposure and environmental impacts, preventing aging due to exposure.

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