Testing needs in the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry requires multiple tests during the manufacturing and production processes to ensure the quality, performance, safety of vehicles. These tests aim to guarantee the reliability of vehicles under various conditions while adhering to relevant local regulations and standards, ensuring the safety of both drivers and passengers.

Material testing is especially crucial, examining the strength, durability, and light resistance of automotive materials to ensure they can withstand the operating conditions of a vehicle.

The automotive industry relies on these tests to continue improve vehicle quality and technical standards.

How Can We Assist?

Light/Weather Resistance Test

Weather Resistance Tester is used to evaluate the stability and durability of automotive body paints and interior finishes when exposed to sunlight over extended periods. Maintaining the appearance and durability of a car’s exterior is critical, ensuring that vehicles can retain their aesthetic appeal, vibrant colors, and resist degradation and fading caused by sunlight.

Current Test

Current is one of the fundamental elements in the operation of vehicle’s electrical systems. The Cell Test System can perform current test of car batteries and evaluate the battery’s health and charging status. It can also predict the battery’s lifespan and performance in actual usage.

Corrosion Test

The corrosion testing of transportation vehicle coating systems usually involves complex dry/wet cycles, temperature cycles, electrolyte sprays, etc. The Atlas Corrosion Test Chamber can meet the corrosion testing requirements of OEM or other standards (such as SAE, VDA, JASO).


Deaeration / Defoaming

Offering a variety of models from small to large capacity, non-vacuum and vacuum, and customizable fixtures to accommodate various types of containers, while simultaneously conducting material defoaming and stirring.

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