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Xenon arc Weather-Ometer/ Fade-Ometer


Artificial accelerated weathering tests

The Atlas SUNTEST XXL+ is a large xenon lamp weathering and lightfastness test chamber meeting various ISO, ASTM, and ICH industry standards. Its horizontal 3000 cm2 exposure area is best-in-class for 3-D specimen testing.

  • Dimensions 90 x 91 x 172 cm
  • Exposure area 79 x 39 cm (3000 cm2)
  • 3 air-cooled 1700 W xenon lamps
  • Easy-to-use touch screen user interface with 13 selectable languages
  • Direct setting and control of irradiance at 300-400 nm or 340 nm
  • Direct setting and control of Black Standard Temperature (BST) or Black Panel Temperature (BPT)
  • Direct setting and control of chamber temperature (CHT)
  • Direct setting of tolerance ranges for each test parameter for optimum test control
  • Display of diagnostic messages
  • 10 free programmable tests possible with up to 12 phases
  • Pre-programmed polymer and coatings standards for Quick-starters
  • Horizontal 3000 cm² exposure area for 34 standard or multiple 3-D specimens
  • Premium sunlight simulation according to CIE85 reference sun
  • Lamp cassette with aluminum reflector, lamp connections and filter slot
  • Outer filter with IR-reflective coating
  • Irradiance range 30-65 W/m2 (300-400 nm); 0.26-0.62 W/m2 (340 nm)
  • Measurement and control of CHT: max. 70 °C (during light phase)
  • Measurement and control of BST or BPT: max. 100 ºC (during light phase)
  • BST sensor design according to ISO 4892-1
  • Selectable temperature control either by CHT or by dual control: CHT and BST (BPT) simultaneously
  • Controlled temperature difference between CHT and BST (BPT)
  • Ultrasonic humidification system for humidity control
  • Specimen spray system with integrated 60 l water reservoir
  • 5° tilted specimen test plane for spray water draining
  • Access port ca. 30 x 25 mm to connect external sensors inside the test chamber
  • Switch-off by radiant exposure, light exposure time or total operating time
  • Advanced auto-start functions
  • Data output via memory card or RS 232
  • Internal memory chip for storing instrument data
  • ASTM D4459
  • ASTM G155
  • ISO 4892-2
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