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Online Rheometers


Our online rheometers provide a “window into your process” with the ability to continuously measure critical parameters form melt flow ratio to intrinsic/relative/melt viscosity and from constant shear rate to shear sweep.

Specifically designed for the thermoplastics resin industry. The ViscoIndicator duplicates the test conditions of a laboratory Melt Flow Rate (MFR) tester or capillary rheometer. Melt viscosity measurements such as melt flow rate and Intrinsic viscosity are primary specifications of thermoplastic resins.

  • Based on the proven technology of our successful ViscoSensor and CMR IV series
  • 1/2 -20 Mounting Port that is compatible with the standard pressure port on extruders
  • User Interface based on Windows™ 10 IoT allowing users to leverage familiar Microsoft services
  • Provides continuous indication of both Melt Flow Rate, Apparent and/or Intrinsic viscosity
  • Variety of heated material transfer line options available that enable rheological head to mount into tight spaces
  • One cable power cord and simple cable bundle with robust connectors for quick interconnection between RSU, RCU, and HMI — ideal for self installation
  • Material is not returned to process stream
  • Comes standard with Dynisco Vertex™ Mercury Free Pressure transducer for high accuracy
  • Small footprint for easy set-up and integration into existing and/or new machinery
  • Quick changing of capillaries
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