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CheckPoint 3

Headspace MAP Gas Analyzers


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Used for quality control of Modified Atmosphere Packages(MAP). CheckPoint 3 is the most advanced portable gas analyzer on the market, enabling you to quickly and easily check for O2 and CO2 levels in Modified Atmosphere Packages (MAP) of any shape and size.

With the new long-lasting sensor, CheckPoint 3 delivers the highest level of accuracy on portable analyzers, making the packaging process more reliable.

WiFi connectivity ensures a new unique user experience. With the web interface fast, easy and reliable data management is guaranteed. The high quality color screen combined with intuitive interface give a clear process overview and extremely easy testing traceability and transparency.

Available configurations O2 (ceramic solid state sensor) O2 (electrochemical sensor) CO2 (infrared single beam sensor)
Sample volume (minimum) 5 ml 5 ml 5 ml
Sample time (minimum) 7 sec 7 sec 7 sec
Measuring range 0-55% 0-100% 0-100%
Resolution 0.1% oxygen 0.1% oxygen 0.1% carbon dioxide
Sensor accuracy ±(0.1% O₂ + 2% of readout) ±(0.25% O₂ + 2% of readout) ±2% CO₂ in range 0-20%
±3% CO₂ in range 20-100%
Heating time 5 sec N/A N/A
Expected sensor lifetime > 3 years > 1 year
(depending on use)
> 5 years
Food applications Vegetables (raw and prepared), meat
(processed), fish (raw and prepared), cheese, prepared meals, snack foods, beverage
Meat (raw and smoked), fish (smoked), bread (treated with alcohol), fresh pasta, fermented foods, coffee  All
Dimensions & weight 75 x 100 x 175 mm (HxWxD), 0.7 kg
Power supply Battery powered; up to 2000 measurements on a fully charged battery at 20 °C; recharge time maximum 5 hours
Options Standard consumable kit (1 sampling kit, 1000 septums, 10 needles (Ø 0.8) & 10 water trap filters), metal needles
Connections WiFi (WPA, WPA 2, WPA enterprise)
Calibration and service 12 months
Working temperature 0 to +40°C, less than 95% RH, non condensing
Compatibility  RoHS, China RoHS, CE
Data package Extended memory – up to 1 million measurements
What’s included in the box? 100 septums, 10 needles (Ø 0.8), 10 water trap filters, power supply w/interchangeable plugs (US, EU, AU, UK)
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